Shipping With Archer Logistics Gives You

Competitive Rates

At Archer Logistics we guarantee you the best pricing and available rates on delivery, by finding the most reliable, and cost effective shipping route for your goods. You can request a quote, and pre-book containers online for free, or simply call us at +1 646-239-4445

Fast Service

Shipping with Archer Logistics means faster service. We are in business to answer to all your logistic needs; therefore you can count on Archer Logistics to provide the outstanding level of service your business requires. Delivering in a timely matter is one of the core objectives of our business.

Guaranteed Delivery

By choosing Archer Logistics you will have a piece of mind, as we guarantee your shipment will be delivered on schedule. Archer Logistics always ensures proper handling, safe and timely delivery.


Archer Logistics is committed to reliability, our professional agents will identity the best options to transport and deliver your important freight shipments. We are proud of our reputation for putting the customer first in every aspect of our business.

Customer Service Oriented

We are committed to client satisfaction, and providing high quality services to you. Building lasting and meaningful relationships with our customers is our primary goal. At Archer Logistics, customer feedback is valued to ensure the highest quality of transportation and delivery services.

Value Added

Archer Logistics offers various value added services:

  • Cargo Tracking: You can track your container in real time, thanks to our Online Container Tracking service.
  • Pre-Booking Fees are Free: You can pre-book containers online for free, we will then reach out to you to continue the final booking.
  • Own a business account: Not only can you manage your own booking but you can also view your history of past booking and print booking

We ship worlwide and we provide inland trucking and towing services to satisfy your logistics needs